'A huge majority of Quebecers are against illegal immigration!': Quebec Conservative Leader Eric Duhaime

Alexa Lavoie and Conservative Leader of Quebec Eric Duhaime discuss the ongoing issue happening at Roxham Road, as well as Duhaime’s proposition to help fix the illegal immigration problem.

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On March 3, I spoke with the Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Eric Duhaime about the huge problem of illegal immigration happening at Roxham Road in Quebec.

Eric Duhaime is a politician, radio host, and has been the new leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec since April 2021.

In the last election campaign, the Conservative Party of Quebec (CPQ) took an incredible step forward. A party that did not exist before and won 1% of the vote in the 2018 election saw an unimaginable growth of 12.91% or 530,786 votes in 2022.

Despite that huge performance, the party won no seats in the National Assembly. This affected not only their visibility, but also the voice of hundreds of thousands of Quebecers they represent.

During the pandemic, CPQ has grown from 500 members to more than 60,000 members in a very short period of time. Now it is the party that has the most active membership in Quebec!

Despite Mr. Duhaime's lack of seats in the House of Commons, he is committed to making a difference.

Today, he is looking at the obvious problem of Roxham Road and illegal immigration.

People who come from around the world by private vans, taxis and even buses gather in the funnel which is Roxham Road. Last year, more than 39,000 migrants crossed this illegal route, which means that Quebec receives more illegal migrants than legal ones.

The system is being pressured and taxpayers are being wiped out by the exorbitant costs of all this illegal activity.

Mr. Duhaime recently wrote a letter to Premier François Legault reiterating the urgency to act:

It is not the Americans who must protect our borders, but ourselves. The City of New York is currently funding the transportation of migrants across Roxham Road

Networks of smugglers are also getting richer on the backs of these people in search of a better future.

The time has come to act.

So I repeat my request that we take a day, as quickly as possible, so that we all, the five party leaders in Quebec, let’s go together and meet the Quebec leaders and caucuses of the federal political parties in the House of Commons.

Don’t forget to sign our petition at StopTraffickingToCanada.com, and send a message to the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, to stop helping migrants to cross into Canada illegally!

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams directly to demand that he immediately stop trafficking illegal migrants to Canada through Roxham Road!

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