“All travellers are assessed” for coronavirus? Border Services Agency claims Canada learned its lesson from SARS

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During my visits to Pearson International Airport in Toronto over the last several weeks, I endeavored to examine the screening procedures that international arrivals are subjected to when going through customs (not much, really, based on my interviews with passengers.)

I’ve always wanted to interview the folks on the frontlines — namely, the people who make up the rank and file of the Canada Border Services Agency. Alas, every time I attempt to do so, one of three things typically happens: they run away; they say “no comment”; or they tell me to get in touch with the media relations department of CBSA.

So, that’s exactly what I did a few days ago. I reached out to CBSA through official channels.

The good news is a CBSA spokeswoman was kind enough to get back to me. The not-so-good news is that the official talking points don’t seem to line up with the apparent reality on the ground (again, based on my interviews with arriving passengers.) So, I remain a tad confused when it comes to determining who to believe.

Bottom line: if a CBSA agent would like to get in touch with me to confidentiality say what the real deal is at our airports and border crossings, by all means please contact me via the Rebel Tips line.

The truth (I hope) is out there...

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  • By Rebel News


Illegal immigrants with infectious diseases have been admitted to Canada. We have the documents to prove it. But we need your help to keep digging.


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