'Are you even a serious interviewer?' Marjorie Taylor Greene puts Aussie TV host in her place

The US congresswoman sparred with ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson during a heated interview.

'Are you even a serious interviewer?' Marjorie Taylor Greene puts Aussie TV host in her place
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In a tense exchange on ABC's 7.30, US congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene eviscerated host Sarah Ferguson, questioning her credibility and impartiality.

Greene joined the program on Wednesday night to discuss Julian Assange, whose release she had fervently supported.

Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, returned to Australia this week as a free man. When Ferguson asked if Greene had met with the Australian delegation that lobbied for Assange’s release, Greene confirmed she had, adding that she was already convinced the prosecution should end prior to the meeting.

Appearing via video call, Greene declared her support for journalists worldwide who "actually tell the truth". She hinted that a Trump presidency might see Assange pardoned, but the conversation quickly shifted to Greene's backing of Trump.

Ferguson queried if Greene’s support had wavered due to Trump’s status as a convicted felon, to which Greene dismissed the trial as a “sham”.

The exchange grew tense as Ferguson attempted to change the subject again, prompting Greene to highlight that she was invited to discuss Assange. Ferguson’s questioning of Greene’s refusal to accept the 2020 presidential election results led to further conflict.

“Sarah, Sarah. Are we talking about Julian Assange?” Greene asked.

Ferguson responded, “It’s a question about the rule of law.”

“Are you even a serious interviewer? I thought that we were talking about Julian Assange here today,” Greene retorted. “That’s what you were asking me to come on your Australian news show. I don’t usually do interviews like this because people like you can’t be taken seriously.”

The interview escalated further, with Greene asking Ferguson if she was “getting her marching orders from the Democratic Party”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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