'Because he had changed his driver's licence to say female, that legally he was permitted to use female facilities'

Political activist and host of The Patriot Barbie Podcast, Lindsey Graham spoke out on social media about how a biological male in the women’s changing room watched her undress. Lindsey says this person is Paul Bixler, a transgender board member of Liberty Elementary School District in Arizona.

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We are told the 21st century is a new era in which you can re-invent yourself and become the person you want. And we are told this is a time of extreme tolerance and human rights. But is that true? Is everyone tolerated? Are everyone’s rights balanced against those of others?

But this is also a time of immediate sharing and access to an audience. People are redefining themselves as neither male nor female and attaching themselves to the LGBTQ community.

Do people in that community, which has always existed, think about this chaos around their identity group? Men decide to become women in order to receive less harsh penalties in prison or to satisfy a perverse impulse or practice voyeurism.

This strangeness was observed with the teacher at Trafalgar High School in Oakville in Ontario. One of the teachers, dressed like a woman with a giant breast prosthesis, is teaching minority students. Where is the safety of women and children?

In the 21st century, yes, there has been progressing in acceptance and inclusion, but now it is not ethical for society to contradict the discourse that has been put in place.

Now, fears and concerns are not allowed and especially not to be expressed especially if you don't want to be perceived as a homophobe, discriminating and disrespectful person.

People who have deviances, fetishes or who simply want to reinvent themselves can use the LGBTQ umbrella, knowing full well that they will be protected from prosecution or reprisals.  

Does the new generation, by strongly pushing the agenda of inclusiveness, produce the opposite effect?

Today, Lindsey Graham, host of Patriot Barbie tells us the story, she experienced in her gym. In the dressing room, she allegedly caught a biological man, self-identifying as a woman, looking at her bare chest.

Graham said:

I am worried that the next time this happens and there will be a next time, that a little girl is going to be hurt or raped or murdered and there are no cameras in these facilities and then there's no one who's speaking up about it and standing up for it.

So I'm terrified that we're going to be in a society where I can't send my little girl into a restroom by herself ever. I have to be by her side at all times.

The individual in question, Lindsey says, is Paul Bixler, 72, a member of the Elementary School Board of Liberty School in Arizona. 

This individual mentioned in 12News, that when his wife passed away in 2017, he decided to explore what he had a curiosity about: being a woman. Previously married to his wife Candace, Paul had two children. 

Now Paul Bixler, who has been transitioning as a woman for about 5 years, sits as a decision-maker at Liberty Elementary School.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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