"Fight Vaccine Passport" lawyers are putting Bonnie Henry and the B.C. government on immediate notice

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We've got exciting developments in our battle against vaccine passports, made possible through your support of www.FightVaccinePassports.com.

Lawyers hired by Rebel News to act on behalf of Canadians who reached out to us at www.FightVaccinePassports.com have sent a first legal demand letter to Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer in British Columbia.

B.C.'s new vaccine passport, coming into effect September 13, could be one of the worst violations of civil liberties to happen in Canada during the pandemic. Proof of vaccination will be required for anyone born before 2009 to attend a concert, theatre, dance, symphony or sporting event. Vaccine proof will also be required for all indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants, pubs and bars, nightclubs and casinos, gyms, rec centres, group exercise, weddings, parties, conferences, meetings and workshops, art classes and on-campus student housing. And there are no religious or medical exemptions for the passports, or at least that's what the government is saying. We can't really be sure.

And here's why we aren't sure. Upon closer examination, one of Canada's top civil litigators and one of the lawyers Rebel News has hired to help people fight vaccine passports, Leighton Grey, discovered that the province has yet to publish the changes to the law that allow for the new vax passport requirements. The health officer just pronounced the new law in the form of a press conference and a website update, without the government actually making any legislative or regulatory changes, or at least any changes that have been published anywhere.

We need to know what we are fighting against.

"Fight Vaccine Passport" lawyers are putting the B.C. government on immediate notice. Leighton Grey fired off a legal demand letter on behalf of his clients to the office of Bonnie Henry:

On 23 August 2021, the British Columbia government announced that it would mandate proof of vaccination for individuals to participate in public life in the province, commencing 13 September 2021. Despite such a short timeline the government has yet to publish any authority for this announcement instead referring only to:

'A new order from the provincial Health officer will require individuals to provide proof of vaccination to access a broad range of social, recreational and discretionary events and businesses throughout the province. As of September 13, one dose of vaccine will be required for entry to these settings. October 24, entry to these settings will require people to be fully vaccinated at least 7 days after receiving both doses'

This "new order" if it has been issued has yet to be published.

The letter demands the B.C. government "immediately correct the misreporting that has occurred on this issue assuring all members of the public to the BC government will respect its Charter obligations and long-established human rights of its citizens and specifically will respect valid medical, religious and other exemptions." Grey also asked the government to stay "the 13th September and October 24th deadlines until a public health order that respects individual rights can be finalized, approved and published."

Otherwise, the letter goes on to say, lawyers are instructed to take reasonable steps to protect our clients' rights, including injunctive relief.

This is just the first step in a very long battle to fight for the rights of Canadians to live freely, and not be required to divulge private medical information or partake in a medical procedure to be able to participate in society. It's going to be an enormous task, and it's going to be expensive, and we need to hire some of the best lawyers in the country — more of them than were already have — to fight vax passports in jurisdictions all across the country. But we think civil liberties are worth defending for everyone.

If you feel the same way, that we must fight this medical apartheid system coming to a province and town near you, please donate today at www.FightVaccinePassports.com. Thank you to everyone who donated already. We could not do any of this without you.

View the full letter:

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  • By Ezra Levant

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