Former Liberal MP says the Trudeau Liberals are ‘communists,’ Canada should ‘get rid of political parties,’ and the Toronto mayoral byelection ‘is nonsense’

'It’s a communist government now,' said John Nunziata. 'We live in a communist country because we don’t live in true democracy because all the members of parliament are trained seals.'

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You never know who you’re going to bump into at a Chris Sky event. Case in point: at a Sky for Toronto Mayor event, we encountered former Member of Parliament John Nunziata.

Nunziata served three terms as a Liberal MP (York South-Weston) and in 1997 he was elected as an independent (Nunziata left the Liberal party after then-leader Jean Chretien flip-flopped on his promise to axe the GST).

Never one to hold back on what he thinks, Nunziata offered his opinions on a wide range of political issues.

On the Justin Trudeau Liberals: “It’s a communist government now. We live in a communist country because we don’t live in true democracy because all the members of parliament are trained seals. Every vote is a vote of confidence… that means you don’t represent your constituents – you just have to do what the Prime Minister’s Office tells you.”

The Canadian political system: “At some point we should get rid of political parties and we should elect the best candidate in every riding and when they go to Ottawa they select the Prime Minister.”

On voter apathy: “The general public does not know anything about democracy now… most people cannot name all their elected officials… Only 29% of people voted in the [Toronto municipal] election in October. That’s crazy. I’ve often said we should have a mandatory vote like they have in Australia.”

On NDP leader Jagmeet Singh: “He’s crazy… in the next election, how can the NDP be critical of Justin Trudeau [after propping up the Trudeau Liberals for so long?]”

His thoughts on the Toronto mayoral by-election and the staggering number of candidates (102) vying for the mayor’s chair?

“It’s nonsense. I suggested to the premier that he appoint someone as mayor to save millions of dollars. And a hundred candidates on a ballot? This is the first time in Canadian history so many people are running. But the other major problem is Progress Toronto [an organization backing leftist Olivia Chow] and the lefties – they know the voter turnout is going to be very low and they are going to have NDP members from all over Ontario coming in to pull out the vote.”

Check out our interview with our kind of Liberal…

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