Ezra Levant: 'He looks you in the eye and blames you for claiming he suspended civil liberties while he is suspending your civil liberties'

'The government believes in free speech,' said Justin Trudeau. 'But with social media, there is a new way to foment anger and hate that is different from anything we have seen before, difficult to counter and is destabilizing our democracy.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed what Justin Trudeau said about free speech:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes in free speech but is upset by social media content that is, "difficult to counter," he said. Trudeau's remarks follow a proposal to regulate legal Internet content deemed hurtful. Listen to Rushdie. Remember, ignore everything before the word.

The remarks are detailed in an interview summary of the September 9th meeting between Trudeau and six lawyers with the Public Order Emergency Commission," the summary said.

Trudeau was upset by unregulated Internet content. The Port Fear. He's upset the Prime Minister emphasized the need for governments to take online rhetoric seriously. Read minutes of the interview. "He noted we are living in a very difficult time right now," said the summary, adding "The problem arises when disagreements are built on falsehoods or wrong facts, because then it becomes difficult to have a real debate and genuine exchange of ideas."

You know, I'm so glad that Trudeau is going to relieve you and me of the burden of distinguishing between the right facts and the wrong facts. I'm so glad he'll do that for us because he's never wrong and his critics are never right.

And don't you know, that's the reason there is no real debate. That's the only reason he's a guy who bans reporters, who doesn't like from attending his press conferences, and he bans us from the leaders debates in this country.

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