'I don't honestly believe he fully knows what he's doing, and this makes Elon Musk fans very upset'

The Ezra Levant Show is joined by founder of New Discourses, James Lindsay and they both discuss Elon Musk and Twitter. 'Twitter was a CIA operation,' said Ezra.

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Elon Musk has reinstated many banned conservative voices on Twitter and today I speak with  founder of New Discourses, James Lindsay.

Imagine having access to all that data, what politician is looking at? What who's having a direct message with whom? And of course, under the terms of service, you own it all. Buying Twitter, you're buying the ads, you're buying the business, but you're buying the intel. You're buying everyone's secrets, so maybe maybe he's joking around and having fun, but underneath it, there's something deeper.

Why is Elon Musk buying something that's regarded as a game or an addiction? What's he doing?

Lindsay responded to Ezra with:

Well, I mean, we could take his own stated purposes at face value, which seems not to be a losing strategy with Elon Musk. From what I've seen throughout the years with him, and his statement was that there should be a place that's not heavily restricted free speech, that's not heavily biased. He said the furthest right in the furthest left should be equally mad at the company, not one side being outraged and the other side quite happy or mad for funny reasons.

So it is possible that he genuinely thinks that we should have a kind of wild, wild west open marketplace of ideas. And as far as why he's doing it, it's fascinating to watch. I don't honestly believe he fully knows what he's doing. And this makes Elon Musk fans very upset. But I do also think that he is a very quick learner and he's very savvy at picking up on a game as he's playing it and then playing it to win and doing very well at that.

So it may come out to be this kind of uncontrolled or, you know, limited control kind of environment for free speech that we haven't had in a number of years. That would be a tremendous mark outside of the broad regime. What his ultimate goals with that are, though? I shouldn't guess and couldn't guess.

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