'I don't like when they put more pressure on us for having this basic freedom'

One year has passed since the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, an event that will be remembered all around the world.

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For the people who didn’t follow this event, it was a major protest, bringing people from all walks of life across Canada, asking the government to end all mandates. It started with the truckers who saw their exemption from crossing the border for vaccination removed.

The demonstration lasted three weeks until Mr.Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to dismantle the peaceful demonstration. 

On March 21, one month after it was dismantled, the provincial government introduced Bill 100, the 2022 Ontario Open for Business Act. 

The bill, which received Royal Assent in April 2022, enables law enforcement to immediately respond to unlawful disruptions at international border crossings, such as bridges and airports. Moreover, the bill aims to equip police officers with additional enforcement tools to impose a roadside suspension of drivers’ licences and vehicle permits and seize vehicle license plates used in any illegal blockade.

Violations of the new law could result in fines up to $500,000 Canadian dollars ($370,000 U.S.) and one year in jail. 

Some supporters of the first freedom convoy wanted to create a 2.0 convoy, but the event was ultimately canceled because there was too much confusion. On the other hand, people were probably afraid of being withdrawn from their banks or having their bank accounts frozen, as we saw in the convoy.  

Enforcement officers, over the weekend, were not tolerant about the rules in place. On Saturday, there was a lot of interaction because of the flags of the demonstrators, the chairs, the tents for the equipment and so on.  

A counter protester had joined the protest to create some agitation and some physical interaction happened. In this report you will see a summary of the event which took place during the weekend.

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