Team Canada athlete comments on biological males competing in women's powerlifting competition

Team Canada athlete April Hutchison joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss trans women competing in women's powerlifting competitions.

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Team Canada Powerlifter April Hutchison joins Ezra Levant to talk about biological males competition in women's competitions.

Levant asked Hutchison if the Canadian Powerlifting Union screens for performance enhancing drugs.

"So my federation is a tested federation," said Hutchison.

"Specifically the Canadian Powerlifting Union is a tested federation. So that means when I go to compete like I went to Worlds last year and I got drug tested after my competition and there's also 'Out of Meet Testing,' so very random, you're put into an athletic pool in which they can show up at your workplace, your gym, kind of like surprise element of getting tested."

Levant added:

I'm not a powerlifter myself. And the reason I ask about this is because it seems to me the whole idea of having a natural league without, you know, performance enhancements is you're trying to keep it fair. And when a man says, 'I identify as a woman' and a man has a different muscle structure, bone structure, weight, every single thing about him is different and has been his whole life.

Maybe he decided to identify as a woman a few weeks or months ago. I would imagine that that degree of physical unfairness would dwarf anything that someone on a performance enhancing drug would have. It just strikes me as the exact same unfairness that you're changing the terms.

Everyone else is a natural athlete on on the same footing, and then you have a man saying, Oh, I'm a girl for today. And there's no there's no way he's not going to dominate.

Hutchison added that it's "hypocritical" and that with the the Canadian Powerlifting Union right now, the only thing that trans athletes have to do to to compete is to show up at a competition with their passport that says what sex they are, either male or female.

"So this transgender athlete in my category basically has a passport that states that she is a female," she exclaimed. "So, I mean, we all know how easily that can be obtained to switch over your passport, it's a couple doctor's notes and psychological assessments, and that's about it. So that's that's the policy today."

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