‘I was de-banked by the RBC': National Citizen’s Inquiry hears passionate testimony on day one in Ottawa

The National Citizen's Inquiry kicked off its three-day event in Ottawa on Wednesday, an event described by its organizers as a citizen-led investigation into the impacts of Canada's federal and provincial governments' COVID-19 policies.

‘I was de-banked by the RBC': National Citizen’s Inquiry hears passionate testimony on day one in Ottawa
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The first day featured sworn testimony from experts and witnesses sharing their insights into and experiences across the COVID-19 enterprise.

"Masking is obedience training," actress and comedian Cathy Jones, alumnus of the CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, said while offering remarks. She emphasized the political weaponization of fear used by governments and media to coerce compliance with the decrees and edicts ostensibly issued as health measures by governments and businesses.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse, a family physician from British Columbia, joined the event remotely. He was persecuted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia  the provincial authority vested with monopoly power over medical licensing across British Columbia by the government  in 2022 for issuing medical exemptions from mask-wearing, which resulted in suspension of his professional license to practice medicine.

"I was de-banked by the RBC," Malthouse stated, noting that the Royal Bank of Canada advised him of its termination of his banking services without an explanation of its rationale.

He added:

There were two pandemics. There was the fake pandemic, which is really a psy-op and there was a real one, which was caused by the public health issues. Similarly, there are really two wars going on. One is the war that we see on the surface, which is where we're being attacked on many fields. It's a full-court press, whether it's food or whether its' the shots or whether it's lockdowns, or finances, religion, education in our schools.

But also there's an inner battle, too … what we call an integrity test, it's where people are being asked to stand up. I just want to speak to my colleagues, other doctors that know what's going on and haven't really stood up for their patients. I just hope that when your opportunity comes … that you take it and not choose to sit down, and rather that you choose to stand up.

Sheila Annette Lewis, a Canadian currently being denied an organ transplant by Alberta Health Services (AHS) due to her "unvaccinated" status, joined the event remotely. "I need a double-organ transplant," she shared.

The CBC wrote of AHS's denial of healthcare to Lewis, "Alberta transplant doctors have made getting the vaccine mandatory for eligibility, but Annette Lewis refuses to get a COVID-19 vaccination. In July, Court of King's Bench Justice Paul Belzil ruled that Lewis's Charter rights were not violated by the mandatory vaccination requirement."

British Columbia's Supreme Court ordered a publication ban on the specific organ Lewis needs, the names of the doctors involved, and the hospital involved.

Despite providing a blood test demonstrating the presence of antibodies for the COVID-19 virus, Lewis is still being refused placement on an organ transplant waitlist.

Lewis was emotional when stating that her life is now in the hands of the Supreme Court of Canada following her appeal to Canada's highest court.

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