'If you disagree, they'll try to ruin your life': University of Toronto students speak about vaccine booster mandate

Rebel News spoke with students from the University of Toronto to get their perspectives on the school's vaccine mandate for those living in residence.

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Update (08/11/22): The University of Toronto has responded to Rebel News' inquiry:
"The University of Toronto’s booster dose requirement, which is consistent with the province’s booster recommendation, was set to protect against severe illness while also reducing isolation requirements and disruptions for those who test positive or are exposed to COVID-19. Ontario’s Ministry of Health isolation requirement for individuals 12- to- 59-years-old who have received the booster dose is reduced to five days for those sick with COVID-19. Those who have contact with a case are required to monitor their symptoms and are not required to isolate. Along with providing health benefits, this significantly reduces interruptions to students’ campus experience.
Living in residence creates a unique set of conditions that require special precautions. Local public health units have been advised of our vaccination requirement for residences and have indicated that having a high vaccination rate in communal-living settings benefits all those living there. The measure has also received support from members of our community.
The decision was made to support the health and well-being of students in residence and enable them to get the most out of their on-campus experience.
The partnership framework agreement with Moderna was created to enable University researchers to pursue research projects with the company. Those research projects are driven by researchers and their own research interests, and results are published in the public domain in academic journals and conferences"

After the University of Toronto mandated a third 'booster' shot of the COVID-19 vaccine for on-campus residents, Rebel News quickly began investigating the matter. What was particularly peculiar about the mandate is that students who attend class but do not live on residence are not required to have a third vaccination. Conceivably, this will result in unvaccinated and unvaccinated students sharing a classroom.

We reached out to the University of Toronto regarding this seemingly contradictory stance, however as of this writing, there has been no reply.

Rebel News' Andrew Chapados descended upon the University of Toronto's downtown campus to ask students and the surrounding public whether or not they think it is fair for such a mandate to exist. As well, Chapados asked about the research deal the university struck with vaccine manufacturer Moderna in April of 2022, and whether or not that deal could sway decisions related to the mandate.

An overwhelming majority agreed that the mandate need not be forced, despite most aligning with the idea that the vaccine efficacy rate is high.

Rebel News has contacted the registered Canadian charity and civil society organization The Democracy Fund (TDF) to fight back against these coercive mandates. Go to www.NoForcedBoosters.com to learn more.

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