"You're a Health Minister, follow your own rules": Albertans on Tyler Shandro's disregard of COVID rules

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We spent two days driving around Calgary in our Shame on Shandro billboard truck drawing attention to the double standards and hypocrisy of politicians in Alberta. You will likely recall that Tyler Shandro was caught allegedly violating COVID restrictions in the Sky Palace.

He faced no consequence for his actions, despite the fact that his Health portfolio's COVID rules have swept up others, including Pastor Artur Pawlowksi and Pastor Tim Stephens, to name a few.

You can see the recap of our first day on the billboard truck here.

Thousands saw the Shame on Shandro truck as we crisscrossed the city. We made frequent stops to get reactions from people, both to the arrest of pastors and to the lack of consequences for Shandro and others in Jason Kenney’s inner circle. Many were appalled that a pastor would be arrested for gathering to worship, others seemed to relish the idea, particularly in the more ‘progressive’ parts of the city.

The vast majority agreed that the double standard of politicians facing no penalties while pastors and business owners face fines and jail was an injustice.

Despite the arrests of numerous pastors in Calgary making headlines worldwide, shockingly, many Calgarians were not even aware that a pastor is currently being held in jail.

Things have become so dire that Missouri Senator Josh Hawley called on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to consider adding Canada to their watch list. Senator Hawley mentioned the arrest of Pastor Tim Stephens and our footage of the arrest in his letter of concern.

The world is watching this story, but many Calgarians are either unaware or apathetic. This indifference is what makes it possible for politicians to get away with this hypocrisy. That is why we took to the streets to shed light on their shameful conduct.

If you want to see more billboard trucks calling out shameful politicians, go to ShameOnShandro.com now and help us with our crowdfunding effort.

There is no telling which government official might get a surprise visit from one of our trucks next.

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  • By Adam Soos

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