‘Is this a third world country?’: Millions of uncounted votes left in US midterm elections

'What's up with not knowing the results in hours?" said Ezra.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examined the highly questionable election practices taking place in the United States. Many races in the midterm elections are yet to be determined, with hundreds of thousands of ballots still remaining to be counted in states like Arizona and New York.

As stated by Ezra, "How is it that you have a million uncounted votes left in New York? How is it that Arizona says they're going to need days or even weeks to count?"

He went on to say, "Election integrity are two words you're not allowed to say. In fact, if you say them in the wrong way on YouTube or other social media, you'll get a strike, you'll be de-platformed. It's very strange, you're not allowed to say that U.S. elections are not reliable."

Speaking about the results in Pennsylvania, Ezra said, "It is a fact that key people that Donald Trump endorsed underperformed. Dr. Oz, the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania, how could he not beat a stroke victim?"

"It was an interesting night. It was certainly not the success I hoped it would be for Republicans. And it makes me think, what will the big show in 2024 look like?" Ezra added.

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