'It's completely absurd,' say TrentU students who are responding to COVID testing and vaccine requirements

Trent University has instituted a set of rules, and while students are required to have two COVID -19 shots to live on-campus, they also have to take a COVID test upon arrival.

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Post-secondary schools across Ontario have instituted wildly different sets of rules surrounding masking, vaccinations and even testing. 

Recently, Rebel News visited Durham College and the University of Toronto to investigate their vaccine and mask mandates.  

Trent University has also instituted a set of rules. While students are required to have two COVID-19 shots to live on-campus, the official mask rule for Trent University is "optional."  

Students in residence are required to take COVID-19 tests upon arrival as well. 

Additionally, the school requests (but does not require) students to bring a copy of their immunization record with them, which is to include their shots for Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and more.

Rebel News asked students and prospective students how they feel about the mandates, testing requirements and request for immunization records at the university campus in Peterborough, Ontario. While some studies took issue with a possibility of a third vaccine requirement, most were content with the rules as they stand currently. 

When asked if they would consider changing schools should a booster shot be required, approximately half said "no" while others stressed that it should be their choice and not enforced by the school. 


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