'Just stop it, we've got the manpower' says Veteran as Texas pushes back against Feds, closes border

Alexa Lavoie spoke with residents of Eagle Pass, Texas, where illegal immigrants have been flooding into the U.S. from Mexico under the negligence of President Joe Biden.

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For the past two days, Rebel News has been investigating the southern border crisis in Eagle Pass, Texas. Specifically, we are inside Shelby Park, where thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants have been crossing into the USA.

Under the Biden administration, illegal crossings have increased significantly, totalling over six million in the past three years alone, which is more than the population of 33 states in America. Access to Shelby Park has been restricted by the state.

In response to the illegal immigration, Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in 2021, the year Biden took office. One of the tools Governor Abbott utilized was the deployment of razor wire along the border, particularly along the river.

This sparked a legal battle between the state of Texas and the federal government. In October 2023 Governor Abbott, along with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration for damaging their property and demanded to cease the cutting of the razor wire.

Amid this ongoing battle, Governor Abbott decided to take over Shelby Park on January 11, denying access to federal guards. They can now only access the water with their boats.

The federal government has argued that the razor wire impeded its ability to process illegal aliens and provide emergency responses as needed.

After the lengthy legal battle, the Biden administration appealed the decision to the Supreme Court. The ruling released on January 22 stated that federal officials have the right to cut the razor wire if necessary. However, the court did not order Governor Abbott to remove the wires or cease having more.

On January 25, 25 Republican governors released a statement in support of Texas. Governor Greg Abbott and Texas's constitutional right to self-defence.

According to many residents, crossings into Eagle Pass have significantly reduced, but they are still occurring in Quemado.

"So some people just come over to work and send money to their family or some people just come over here to escape what they've done in their lives. And that's those people that escaped what they did over there in, in their country. I don't like it. They can go back to being in jail," said one resident.

While surveying the scene at the border fence in Eagle Pass, we ran into a U.S. military veteran who had travelled from Alaska to see the border crisis for himself.

"We've got the manpower. Don't let anybody across. Close every border, everything. It's not right that people stood in line for years to get to become American citizens and these people are just rushing across the border. We don't know who they are or where they're going," he said.

While investigating this story, we have witnessed the strength of a state pushing back against federal mismanagement and refusing to back down. 

It's not cheap to travel all the way down here in Texas, because as you know, we don't receive any penny from Justin Trudeau to fund our reporting. Please head over to TexasBorderReports.com where you can not only stay up to date with our reports, but you can donate to help us offset our travel expenses.

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