'Key participants' of Coutts Blockade could face 30 collective years in prison for alleged involvement

Alex Van Herk, Marco Van Huigenbos, and George Janzen could each spend a decade imprisoned for their alleged involvement in peaceful demonstrations against COVID-19 health regulations.

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In relation to the Coutts Blockade which took place earlier this year, three men now face charges of mischief over $5,000. RCMP laid these charges on September 16th and say this stems from the three being ‘key participants’ of Coutts Blockade demonstrations.

The case was previously adjourned until November 4th, then put off again until December 12th. Generous donors are crowdfunding the legal defence fees for Alex, Marco, and George, at TruckerDefenceFund.ca which has retained Williamson Law to defend them before the courts.

While previous legal proceedings were occurring in Lethbridge, we interviewed Alex, Marco, and George, to hear their thoughts on the situation they have now been forced into. Chad Williamson of Williamson Law was also in attendance personally and highlighted for us the evolving situation.

“The crown has... elected to have this heard by indictment rather than summary proceedings”

“We entered our election on behalf of our clients to have this tried by a jury”

On December 12th an arraignment is expected to take place and it will be a prominently procedural court appearance, from which point further court dates will be set. Williamson Law continues to fight for Alex, Marco, and George, but only because of the generous crowdfunding efforts of viewers like yourself, through TruckerDefenceFund.ca

UPDATE: Rebel News is crowdfunding the legal defence for Alex Van Herk and George Janzen.

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