"My heart really breaks for the kids": Calgary teacher Russell Hillier speaks with Sheila Gunn Reid

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On a recent edition of The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Russell Hillier, a Calgary-area educator (and son of Ontario MPP Randy Hillier) to discuss a new teacher-led petition against mandatory masks in Alberta schools.

Discussing the damage that forced masking has on children, Russell explains:

"My heart breaks for the kids who are already disadvantaged, and I'm thinking about kids that have speech delays, speech impediments, some kind of learning disability, ESL students— those kids are being left behind and nobody cares about them. I hear a lot of parents say, "oh, well my kid is fine in a mask all day." Well great! How fortunate are you, while there's a lot of parents who cannot say the same thing. So one of my motivations is to just give a voice to those parents who, maybe they do have a student with some kind of learning disability... and tell them that theres a lot of teachers that are with you."

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