'My life was turned into a living hell': Dr. Byram Bridle on questioning prevailing COVID-19 vaccine narratives

'The administration of my university has not allowed me back to my office or my laboratory to be able to properly do my job for almost two years now,' said viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Tamara Ugolini was joined by Dr. Byram Bridle to discuss the consequences he has faced as a result of speaking out against prevailing COVID-19 vaccine narratives.

As stated by Dr. Bridle, "When I look back at everything that's happened over the last two years, I'm just flabbergasted still."

"Here we sit almost two years since I just did my job as an academic faculty member and tried to make the science accessible to the public and indicated that these lipid nanoparticles that are being used to deliver the MRNAs — this technology that we're calling vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines — I showed people the data, Pfizer's own data that they had submitted to the Japanese government's health regulatory agency indicating that these went all throughout the body," explained Dr. Bridle.

As Dr. Bridle discussed, much of the information that he was sharing with the public two years ago is now widely accepted as fact throughout the scientific community. "Now, I'd say two years later, this phenomenon is well accepted in the scientific literature. It's published all over the place," he added.

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