'Quintessential show trial,' Sen. Marco Rubio torches Trump's New York conviction

The senator compared the trial to communist tactics, accusing Democrats of weaponizing the court system.

'Quintessential show trial,' Sen. Marco Rubio torches Trump's New York conviction
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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Republican Senator Marco Rubio vehemently criticized the guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump's New York "hush money" trial. Rubio, whose parents fled Cuba in 1956 before the rise of Communist dictator Fidel Castro, likened the proceedings to a "quintessential show trial" reminiscent of those in communist countries.

In an appearance with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the Florida senator argued that the trial was an effort to interfere in the upcoming election, claiming that Democrats are relying on keeping Trump tied up in court to secure a victory.

“This is a quintessential show trial,” said Rubio. “Let’s all be clear about what’s happening here. Joe Biden is clearly senile and declining. He’s clearly weak, which is why the world is on fire. He’s incompetent, which is why we have runaway inflation and a border that is being invaded every single day."

"And then add to all of that, he likes to lie," added the senator. "He tells people lies all the time about how great the economy is doing, how there is no problem at the border. The guy’s behind in the polls. He can’t win. The only chance they have to win this election is to keep Donald Trump in a courtroom.”

Rubio accused the judge presiding over the case of being a Democrat donor to Biden's 2020 campaign and pointed out that the judge's daughter is a campaign consultant for Democrats who markets "Convict Trump" merchandise. He also criticized the Manhattan District Attorney for promising to "put Trump away" during his election campaign and the jury for being from a district that overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

The senator characterized the charges against Trump, which stem from the labelling of checks as "legal expenses" to his lawyer, as an "outrageous travesty." He warned that Democrats have crossed a line by turning the court system into a political weapon and that it will be difficult to prevent similar actions from occurring in the future.

Rubio called for a bipartisan effort to prevent the weaponization of the court system against political opponents, emphasizing that the United States must not become like countries such as Peru and Brazil, where former leaders are targeted through the courts by their political adversaries.

“Down the road, we’re going to have to look at a way Democrats and Republicans, hopefully together, can prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future," said the senator. "We cannot become one of those countries where people, once they leave office, are targeted through the court system by their political opponents. That’s what happens in Peru. That’s what’s happened in Brazil. That’s what’s happened in all these countries. It cannot happen here. And that is the direction we are headed right now with what’s happened here today.”

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  • By David Menzies

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