'Shame!' Edmonton Hamas supporters surround Conservative MP's car for supporting Israel

Ziad Aboultaif, Conservative MP representing Edmonton Manning was confronted by extreme activists who tried to block his car as he drove away to call for a ceasefire during the Israel-Hamas war.

'Shame!' Edmonton Hamas supporters surround Conservative MP's car for supporting Israel
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Mid-afternoon on Sunday, November 12, an anti-Israel social media account posted a video from Edmonton showing its supporters rushing towards MP Ziad Aboultaif's car as he attempted to leave an event. They were yelling at him to "end the genocide" due to his support for Israel's war against Hamas, which had taken over 230 hostages since the October 7 massacre.

In the cellphone video, you could hear women screeching as they rushed to the car with the MP inside, yelling slogans at the windows of the SUV, while the vehicle was slowly being surrounded.

Many of the anti-Israel demonstrators are hiding their faces with coverings, a tactic used by far-left ‘Anti-fascists’ to avoid identification while committing crimes.



The car drove off after being blocked by a demonstrator on the public road. The activist account posted on Instagram, "Bird dog all politicians," in the description of the confrontation with the MP, urging members across Canada to search for and target elected officials in their protests.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has denounced the pro-Hamas demonstrations across Canada as "hateful," with clear and open antisemitism encouraged and advocated for by those participating.

From November 13–19, it's 'Constituency Week,' when members of Parliament will be in their home ridings across the country, attending events with their supporters. This makes MPs more vulnerable to disruptions from anti-Israel activists.

On the same day, earlier that morning, a gunman shot at a Jewish school for the third time in a string of escalating and violent antisemitic attacks.

Rebel News sent Alexa Lavoie to London, England, to report on the massive Hamas supporter rallies. She interviewed a man who, while attempting to hide his face with a Palestinian scarf, said, "Hitler knew how to deal with these people," in reference to the Jewish community.

If you agree that guests of Canada through international student visas or permanent residents should face consequences for supporting terrorist organizations on our soil, sign the petition at DeportHamas.com!

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