‘Shame on you!’ Parents shut down school board meeting over '2SLGBTQIA+ Action Plan' motion passing without their input

Outside of Toronto, parents are persistently opposing the introduction of gender ideology being taught in schools. They are also concerned about the board's action plan, which puts a preference on hiring staff who identify as LGBT, viewing it as an imposition of progressive ideology on children.

‘Shame on you!’ Parents shut down school board meeting over '2SLGBTQIA+ Action Plan' motion passing without their input
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At the September 27, 2023, board meeting of the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, just outside Toronto, frustrated parents confronted the trustees.

These trustees faced vocal opposition and shouts as they left the meeting, having approved the controversial '2SLGBTQ+ Action Plan' motion without addressing the concerns or voices of parents beforehand.

Some individuals suggest that this action plan is a response to the nationwide #1MillionMarch4Children rally, which drew tens of thousands of parents and children across Canada. Despite far-left union activists condemning the rally as 'hateful' and calling for intimidation, parents from various backgrounds came together to express their concerns about gender ideology in classrooms.

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself publicly criticized the nationwide protest organized by Muslims.

"We strongly condemn this hate and its manifestations, and we stand united in support of 2SLGTBQI+ Canadians across the country."

The 42-page 'Two Spirit & LGBTQIA+ Action Plan,' which was approved, was authored by Lisa Hart, the Superintendent of Education, Equity, Indigenous Education School Engagement & Community Relations and Camille Logan, Associate Director, School Improvement & Equity.

This allegedly aims to "create anti-oppressive and inclusive learning and working environments that are humanizing, liberating and healing."

The parents who were present expressed their belief that this represents an ongoing effort to promote gender ideology in the classroom, which they perceive as a form of indoctrination for their children.

It states that the plan is rooted in anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and anti-colonial practices to protect the safety and rights of Two Spirit & LGBTQIA+ students and staff.

The document features a full-page land acknowledgement, followed by gender-jargoned language claiming, "White cis-heteronormality is embedded within the foundations of the Ontario's education system and was not designed to educate and support gender diverse, gender non-conforming and two-spirit and LGBTQIA+ students."

One of the more eye-opening calls for action is to prioritize moving these minority groups, 2SLGBTQIA+ into positions of responsibility, overcoming the traditional merit system.

"Prioritize mentoring and supporting Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ staff to move into positions of responsibility."

The parents expressed a strong desire to voice their opposition to the motion before it was voted upon and passed by a majority.

They had placed their banners and signs at the back of the room and carried their own protest signs that said:

"Groom Dogs not Children"

"Stop Sexualization of Children"


"Leave our kids Alone"

When the matter was raised for voting, there was a back and forth between David Green of Brampton Wards 1 & 5 and the crowd.

Seven trustees voted in favour, and it passed with majority vote.

The room erupted with the parents yelling back at the trustees "No!"

Mr. Green tried to control the room but was shouted down by the rambunctious crowd.

"Ask parents before a vote!" one yelled.

As he tried to continue on with the rest of the school board meeting, parents began standing up and yelled out their concerns in response.

"Shame on you! Shame on you!"

The meeting ended, and all trustees soon walked out the room while the parents continued with their shouts.

"Stand here and listen!" a mother said.

Ward Councillor of Brampton 1 & 5 stayed back to speak with the angered crowd to listen to their concerns. He reassured them that in the upcoming meeting next month, they would have another chance to express their views. He clarified that while the action plan had been approved, it had not yet been put into effect, and further input from stakeholders would be necessary.

However, parents remained dissatisfied with this response and continued their protest outside the building after security cleared the room a short while later.

The full exclusive video report will be coming to StopClassroomGrooming.com with interviews of the parents that night.

On that same website you can sign our petition if you agree that students shouldn't be involved with highly sexualized education.

You can also chip in towards our travel costs to bring you these reports across Canada!

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