'She’s a narcissist': Unveiling the truth about Buffy Sainte-Marie's Indigenous heritage

In a recent investigative report by CBC's Fifth Estate, it has been revealed that the celebrated Canadian Indigenous artist Buffy Sainte-Marie is neither Canadian nor Indigenous. Sheila Gunn Reid is joined by Robbie Picard to discuss this revelation further.

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On The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Robbie Picard from Oil Sands Strong, who is Indigenous, to discuss the allegations surrounding musician Buffy Sainte-Marie's true identity. The conversation raises questions about her claimed Indigenous heritage.

"Apparently Buffy Sainte-Marie is just your average Italian lady named Beverly Santa Maria and she is not, nor has she ever been Indigenous," stated Sheila.

Sheila added that Buffy has traded on an Indigenous identity that she absolutely doesn't have for the better part of 60 years to the point where she threatened her own family with accusations of pedophilia to shut them up.

The accusations suggest a significant betrayal of trust and a prolonged falsification of her heritage.

“She had some success and she made some money, but I would make the argument that the majority of her money came off of her fake Indigenous status, and being in that space,” Picard said, responding to Sheila.

Picard continued:

But the truth of the matter is, and this is the part that is really hard to swallow. There's so many Indigenous people that had a tough time, they had to deal with racism, had to deal with issues internally that could have used the award or the shot or the attention she took. And all the attention she got was solely based on her Indigenous identity.

And I think even the award that she recently got at the Alberta Arts Museum.

And you know, it's all based on government type things that artists would get.

I bet you she's gotten millions of dollars of government grants or the money from Indigenous sources.

Picard added that this is probably the best thing that ever happened to her being discovered because he believes she's a narcissist.

“If you look closely and you look at her face, she's always kind of like this duper's delight, that little smirk whenever she tells a lie,” he said.

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