'The best that the government could do was to paint these people as terrorists,' says JCCF lawyer

On this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Rob Kittredge, Lawyer for the JCCF discusses up-to-date information on the POEC hearing.

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Discussing new information about the hearing, Ezra asks guest Rob Kittredge to help answer the question of "why are [government files] being held to late November and then dumped on the commission and the lawyers mere hours or even minutes before the hearings?"

Rob Kittredge, Lawyer for the JCCF answered:

Well, it's hard to hard to speculate why, or maybe it's a little easy to speculate why. But there's been a bit of an ongoing document dump. It's tough for us to talk about that in too much detail because we're bound by a fairly strict confidentiality undertaking.

So anything that's not in evidence we can't speak about too specifically. But let's just say it's been a there's been a fair amount of last minute document review going on in the last little while.

And that work has only picked up as the witnesses are getting more and more high level in government. I think just to touch on a point that you made a bit ago, you could hardly ask for a cleaner set of facts here as it happened. I think this was a confluence of you have coincidental or confluence of events in a lot of ways.

It just so happens that Justin Trudeau upset a group of people who drive very large and hard to move vehicles.

And I think that was important in, you know, coincidentally making it easier for them to get entrenched in a way that made it hard to move them along.

But coincidentally to, all of the people that came together at the top of the of the protest movement, happen to be extremely reasonable people who were doing their best to encourage nonviolence.

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