'The Firearms Act and the Criminal Code in Canada has to be redone': National Firearms Association's Rick Igercich

'It doesn't make any sense. It was originally drawn by a bunch of lawyers and bureaucrats — people that have never held a firearm in their hands.'

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Canada's National Firearms Association (NFA) President Rick Igercich joined the show to discuss what 2024 will bring for law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

As stated by Mr. Igercich, "A lot of people are saying that the firearms lobby had failures in 2023. We didn't have any failures. We had a minor setback, and I'm going to say that 2024 is going to be the NFA's finest hour. Just sit back and watch. 2024 is going to be the NFA's finest hour."

"We're in the fight hard now. We've got a set direction. We know which way we're going and we know what to do," he added.

Speaking about Bill C-21, the controversial Liberal gun control bill that recently became law, Igercich said, "2023 was a turbulent year for law-abiding Canadians, there's no doubt about that. A lot of stuff happened, the NFA was busy. Of course everybody knows that Bill C-21 got fast-tracked and became law."

"We were on it right from the start. But it was talking to deaf ears in the Senate mostly. It was an eye-opener for me because a lot of senators that we thought would run our way — some of the independent senators — they waffled at the end and voted with the Liberals," he explained.

Mr. Igercich went on to say, "In our opinion, it was nothing more than another wedge issue that Justin Trudeau can definitely use in the looming election. We don't know when this election's going to happen — the sooner the better."

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