“The people that are giving you information rely more on their paychecks than they do on their oath”

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In British Columbia, things are as close to “normal” as they have been in the last 16 months, but that didn’t stop hundreds of Canadians from protesting for freedom at the Vancouver Art Gallery this past Saturday.

The Worldwide Freedom Rally 3.0 Vancouver was hosted by organizers Danielle Pistilli and Alicia Johnson from Freedom World Rally. It was one of many Worldwide Freedom Rallies advertised as “one day — everyone together” that took place around the world on July 24.

Many came together to march, hear speeches from activist organizations like Canadian Frontline Nurses, Police on Guard for Thee and Action 4 Canada, and then to dance the night away to live music.

I asked the protesters why they felt the need to protest for freedom in a province that is open, as well as their opinions on whether or not Canadians are destined to see a mass rollout of vaccine passports.

Watch this report to see what they had to say.

Help us nip vaccine passports in the bud, before they too become part of this liberty-infringing, "new normal" nightmare we have yet to fully wake up from.

Click here to sign our petition at NoVaxPassport.com, and make sure to share it with at least five friends.

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  • By Rebel News

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