Constitutional lawyer discusses the politicization of Covid-19 vaccine approval at the National Citizen’s Inquiry

'There's no requirement to prove efficacy, and there's actually no requirement to prove the benefits outweigh the risks,' explained lawyer Shawn Buckley.

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On May 12, during the second day of the hearings of the National Citizen’s Inquiry in Quebec, Shawn Buckley was invited to give his testimony.

Shawn Buckley practices extensively in the areas of criminal and regulatory law. His focus is on protecting Charter rights and testing the constitutional validity of legislation.

Mr. Buckley has been called as an expert witness in the areas of constitutional law and Food and Drugs Act regulation by committees in both the Senate and the House of Commons.

Shawn Buckley explained the process for a drug or new medicine to be approved in Canada, and particularly during the state of emergency.

“There's no requirement to prove efficacy, and there's actually no requirement to prove the benefits outweigh the risks. But you couldn't even prove the benefits outweigh the risks because you don't know the safety profile, you don't know the efficacy profile. So really, it's a non-existent subjective test, which I read to be a direction to just grant an authorization rather than an actual test meant to protect us,” explained Mr. Buckley.

Mr. Buckley says that it is obvious that this approval process was a political decision to have all Canadians vaccinated as soon as possible.

“When you add in a couple of other things that are in this interim order, it becomes really clear this was a political direction. This was about a political decision to have Canadians vaccinated, not about safety.”

What is the most shocking is that with his expertise on the topic, he claims the government seems to have made a political decision instead of protecting the population. Canadians and people around the world were essentially guinea pigs for these experimental injections.

“And another thing that's shocking that people need to know is when a drug is approved, when it's granted market approval, we really don't know if it's safe until it's in the human population and being used.”

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