‘There's something bizarre about the Trudeaus and David Johnston looking for the Chinese influence. They are the Chinese influence ’: Ezra

Ezra Levant spoke about the Trudeau family and David Johnston’s involvement in the Chinese Communist Party, and Johnston’s recommendation to take the task of looking for the Chinese influence upon himself.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlighted the controversy surrounding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's reputed connection with Communist China and the supposed collusion of former governor general David Johnston in the ordeal.

There's something strange about Justin Trudeau, whose brother Alexandra wrote a book published by Communist China. The about David Johnson who went to China, who opened up a Chinese Communist Party Confucius Institute at his university, who had dealings with China, who sent his own children to China. There's something bizarre about Justin Trudeau and Alexandra Trudeau and David Johnson looking for the Chinese influence. They are the Chinese influence. It's like when O J Simpson said he was gonna look for the real killer. Yeah, mate, you did it.

He continued to speak about David Johnston and Justin Trudeau’s deep involvement in the Chinese Communist Party.

And I just wanna give a shout-out to a Rebel News supporter named Andy Lee who I think speaks Chinese because she certainly does excellent research, and the Chinese language press is full of hundreds of images of Justin Trudeau, his family, his senior cabinet and David Johnston going to Chinese Communist Party events. So he's deeply involved with the Chinese Communist Party. I'm not talking about ethnic Chinese or cultural Chinese. I'm talking about the Chinese Communist Party.

Ezra explained how David Johnston ruled out a public independent inquiry to investigate foreign interference in the Canadian government and instead chose himself. 

Yeah, you have to understand that out of 38 million Canadians, the best person he recommends to look into this is himself. Frankly, that's a move that they probably gave him the advice to do from the Chinese Embassy.

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