‘They can go back and be in jail’: Eagle Pass resident on illegal border crossings

Alexa Lavoie had the opportunity to speak with a local resident living just minutes away from the Mexican border, who shared valuable insight and personal experiences regarding the ongoing situation of those crossing illegally into the U.S.

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Reporting from Eagle Pass, Texas, we've extensively covered the issue of illegal border crossings into the U.S., ensuring you stay informed with the latest updates.

All eyes are currently on the Southern border, where a significant influx of migrants has occurred since the beginning of the Biden administration.

This recent surge in crossings coincided with federal officials removing razor wire installed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott along the Rio Grande River border.

Following this, a complex legal battle ensued, but the residents of Eagle Pass acknowledge the severity of the crisis.

Parts of the border are now closed off, yet migrants continue to find ways into the city, leading to a significant media presence as they document the situation.

We had the opportunity to speak with a local resident who shared his perspective and experiences living just minutes away from the Mexican border, providing valuable insight into the ongoing situation.

“What I learned is don't judge them, just watch out for them. Don't provoke them. If they provoke you, don't do anything,” said the resident.

“I know over here in Texas, it's a huge ball game and you can get in trouble. That's why I'm like, I don't mind them coming. It's just I don't want them bothering my family because it's more dangerous for my family than them because I live here in the United States and they don't. We have more to lose than they do.”

When asked if he is aware of any safety concerns that people have in this area, he said, "Yeah, we do. We were always on high alert. That's why we have cameras. We have dogs for protection and firearms. We keep them on us just in case one of the immigrants that comes has a knife or any concealed weapon."

"It's for our safety. I choose not to carry or have a concealed weapon on me because it's more dangerous to have a gun than to point it," he added.

The Eagle Pass resident expressed that as long as immigrants are in the United States and they're away from the government, they don't care. He also doesn't think Greg Abbott is doing things for the right reasons. "He's trying to cover up his own ass when it comes to this type of stuff," he said.

He also preferred Donald Trump as president, saying that he is okay with Trump returning to office as long as he keeps borders secure and reduces crime.

"Those people that escaped what they did over there and their country. I don't like it. They think they can go back and be in jail," concluded the resident.

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