'They're not terrorists!': Anti-Israel protester defends Hamas at U of T encampment

At U of T’s 'Little Gaza', two women weighed in on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. One defended the Jewish state while the other actually said the atrocities of Oct. 7 never occurred!

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Rebel News recently paid a visit to the filthy tent city at the University of Toronto. As per usual, we were denied entry by the gatekeepers (illegal squatters, actually) at “Little Gaza”, a.k.a., “Palestine Martyr’s Square”, a.k.a., “The People’s Circle For Palestine” (hard to believe “Hobos For Hamas” never made the final cut – talk about truth in advertising, after all…)

In one regard, it was a blessing to be confined to the other side of the fence. We met up with a woman proudly wearing a “I Stand With Israel” T-shirt. And make no mistake: wearing such apparel near this crucible of hatred makes for a brave stance.

This woman was very passionate regarding the Jewish state. She spoke out against the way it is being maligned by everyone from the United Nations to the mainstream media, even as Israel fights for its survival against bloodthirsty terrorists.

As she checked off a litany of valid points, a young eavesdropper decided to weigh in with a rebuttal. She said she’s a journalism student at Ryerson University (or Toronto Metropolitan University as its known today.) And she spoke glowingly of Hamas, stating that it is not a terrorist group, but rather a humanitarian organization. No, really…

Alas, it was equal parts sad and shocking to see how ignorant and indoctrinated this person was as she actually defended Hamas while at the same time denying that the horrific events of Oct. 7, 2023 in Israel ever took place!

Our parting comment to her is that we mentioned that when she graduates, she will make for an excellent hire at the CBC or Al Jazeera. Not realizing we were taking the piss out of her, she flashed a smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Check out what these two women had to say and ask yourself: just who is making sense here and who is living in delusional woke biosphere?

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