'This is about transparency and non-governmental interference,' says convoy organizer Tom Marazzo at the National Citizens Inquiry

Marazzo says that his life remains in limbo as he risks losing what little he has left as a named perpetrator in a 400-million-dollar lawsuit against freedom convoy organizers and participants.

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Convoy organizer Tom Marazzo recently testified at the citizen-led, citizen-funded National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Toronto, Ontario that heard from Canadians affected by COVID-related policies and restrictions.

“It’s important to be involved with the NCI is because it’s a group of non-government people,” says Marazzo.

“It’s a people that have a vested interest in only the truth. They’re not interested in politics, they’re interested in getting to the truth on behalf of Canadians. This is all about transparency. It’s the citizens of Canada saying we are going to make this transparent because we no longer have any faith whatsoever in any level of government to be transparent with the public. [The government has] lost the public trust so the public is responding in this way. For every government that has ever been a good government for the people, they have been open and transparent and we know that Justin Trudeau’s government is anything but transparent so this is an opportunity for the citizens of Canada to say ‘we want transparency and we want no political interference in this process. We want to get to the truth.’ It was important to participate in this and to testify because I want the Canadian public to hear all of the stories about the effect and devastation [experienced] across this country.”

Marazzo also testified at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) earlier this year. The POEC was a government-led inquiry into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented invocation of the Emergencies Act (EA) to address the Freedom Convoy that took to the nations capital in January 2021.

“The POEC was, theoretically, meant to examine what the Liberal Government of Canada did and the steps they took in order to invoke the EA. Unfortunately that became more of an inquiry about us – the convoy, the citizens of Canada that for two years were ignored and finally took their grievances all the way to the source of the matter which was Justin Trudeau’s government. It was meant to look at him but turns out it really looked at us,” he says, referring back to the NCI. “This is something different, it’s looking at the effect of the federal and provincial government and their policies throughout the covid pandemic on us.”

Marazzo shares that “there are 6 million Canadians who didn’t get vaccinated – that’s job loss, economic harm, harming children forced into lockdowns, mask mandates and [children] not allowed to participate in extra-curricular activity.” Those are harms that the NCI are evaluating.

As Marazzo finalizes writing a book about his experience in the Freedom Convoy, he says that he is trying to transition to some form normalcy in his life.

Yet he remains “concerned about the medical outcomes and the trends that the medical community is starting experience.”

Being named on a $400 million dollar lawsuit, Marazzo says that his life is in limbo. “I can’t build on the land that I purchased before the convoy because I’m in jeopardy of losing everything that I own,” he shares.

The lawsuit alleges Ottawa resident trauma from the convoy. Marazzo notes that the lawsuit lists “60 people and what’s interesting is that if you look at those who are named, only 19 people exist on that list. The other 41 people on that lawsuit are John and Jane Doe so [the lawyer] has placeholders of people that in the future he wants to add to this lawsuit.”

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