'This is not India! This is not Pakistan!' Former Patrick Brown supporter tears a strip off the Brampton Mayor at rival’s campaign event

Armjit told us he has lived in Brampton most of his life and used to be a big Patrick Brown booster. Not anymore.

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Last Saturday, the Nikki Kaur campaign for mayor of Brampton kicked off. Kaur is surely the biggest challenger when it comes to defeating scandal-plagued Sneaky Patrick Brown for the position of mayor. Kaur used to be a City of Brampton staffer with the Chief Administrative Office, but she also acted as a whistleblower.

A recent story in The Pointer notes how Kaur accused senior city staffers of corruption, delinquent hiring practices and fraudulent procurement practices. She also accused other senior staffers of nepotism, bullying, and the misuse of public funds. In other words, business as usual in the People’s Democratic Republic of Brampton under the Khaleesi Brown…

But perhaps the people of Brampton have finally had enough of Sneaky Patrick’s never-ending shenanigans these past four years (alas, to fully checklist Brown’s sordid incidents would result in a document that would rival the size of Encyclopedia Britannica.)

Of note, Sneaky Patrick has made many enemies over the past few years. The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario  an entity he once served as leader  wants nothing to do with him. The same goes for the Conservative Party of Canada. The former Barrie Beaver Inspector, after all, is a fake conservative with zero integrity.

Also of note, there are now many former grassroots supporters of Sneaky Patrick who are suffering from buyer’s remorse.

We happened upon one such individual at the Nikki Kaur campaign kickoff. Armjit told us he has lived in Brampton most of his life and used to be a big Patrick Brown booster. Not anymore. He is shocked by the corruption he has witnessed in the last four years in his city thanks to Patrick Brown’s so-called “leadership.” Said Armjit: “This [Brampton] is not India! This is not Pakistan!”

And it’s not just the corruption and nepotism at city hall that is upsetting to Armjit. It is the alleged intimidation tactics, too. Case in point: earlier this month, a very disturbing incident occurred at 100 Peel Centre Dr., the locale of Nikki Kaur’s campaign headquarters: namely, a car launched from its parking space outside the office, hopped a few curbs, and then smashed through a plate glass window causing considerable damage to this former TD Bank branch. The timing was certainly suspicious as it happened just before the original campaign kickoff date for Ms. Kaur.

And questions still linger: was this truly an accident  or was this a politically-motivated intimidation tactic directed at Nikki Kaur to make her bow out of the mayoralty race?

After all, Kaur knows where all the skeletons are buried at Brampton City Hall; she knows who’s who in the Brampton political zoo. She’s Patrick Brown’s worst nightmare.

In the weeks ahead, it will prove most interesting to see how many former Brown supporters a la Armjit switch sides. After all, Brown is akin to the Peanuts’ character, Pigpen. Much like Pigpen, wherever the Sneaky One goes, there is always a filthy cloud of dirt and dust looming in the background. And for a growing number of Bramptonians, the prevailing sentiment is this: enough is enough…

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  • By Rebel News

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