School trustee candidates campaign on ending the sexualization of children in public schools today

'We really want our kids to be kids,' says one of the candidates. 'You have the rest of your life to be an adult, and only a very short time to be a child.'

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Voting day for Vancouver’s next school trustee election will take place on October 15 and at least three candidates running are united in their passion to advocate for children to receive a well rounded education without the risk of being indoctrinated by radical political agendas.

Recently I caught up with the three school trustee hopefuls to hear more about why they felt it was time to run in this upcoming election.

"We really want our kids to be kids," says former COVID-19 healthcare hero, Amanda Tengco. British Columbia’s vaccine mandates against un-vaccinated healthcare workers prohibited professionals like herself from caring for British Columbians.

While Tengco believes there are a lot of amazing teachers in schools today, she is concerned that the social justice agendas aimed at students is "putting the adult burdens of the world on them."

Another candidate, Zelda Levine, who has watched her own kids go through and complete their public education agrees with Tengco that there are many great teachers in the system, but says some of those teachers find themselves silenced and censored when it comes to concerning ideological movements in schools.

Levine says the "extreme sexualization that’s happening in the schools and is happening from the top down meaning from the universities and unions, and the administrations, to the teachers and kids" is something more parents need to be aware about in order to stop it.

Karin Litzcke ran for the People's Party of Canada during the last federal election and has been actively involved in the public school system since the 1990’s where she found herself facing off with the teacher's union. She just wanted to promote better teaching methods and tackle ideological issues.

Today however, Litzke is most concerned about transgenderism and climate despair being promoted to children in schools. She said, "these things have now reached sort of what I think are a disaster level."

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