‘Toronto, what have you got from voting for Justin Trudeau?’ Poilievre asked big city voters

The Conservative leader made an argument to those who voted for the PM and were suffering consequences from the results of eight years under the Liberals. The big cities that voted for Justin Trudeau were suffering the most because of his disastrous and costly policies.

‘Toronto, what have you got from voting for Justin Trudeau?’ Poilievre asked big city voters
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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In his address to the National Conservative Caucus this past Sunday in Ottawa, Pierre Poilievre took jabs at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over several crises facing Canadians: from record high crime to immigration resulting in a lack of housing and the 'safe supply' of drugs given to the vulnerable, including children. The opposition leader made a direct plea to big city voters

He began by stating the fact that rent in Trudeau’s own riding has tripled, from $750 to over $2,000 in 2024, which is a reality many Canadians face in cities across the nation.

He then attacked Sean Fraser, former Immigration Minister, who had been promoted to Housing Minister, and who originally introduced the Liberals’ high immigration rates of over 500,000, reaching over a million with the inclusion of international students and permanent residents.

While also slamming the “incompetent… nameless” Minister, Ahmed Hussein.

“Building has gone down 7%, actually building fewer homes with Sean Fraiser than we were building with the previous, nameless incompetent Minister, that Trudeau had on that file.”

He continued, “In 2022, we built fewer homes than were built in 1972, even though our population has more than doubled.

“And now people who can’t pay their rent are forced to go to food banks, 2 million people.” Poilievre then spoke to Torontonians and what benefits they had for voting for the Liberal PM.

"A record smashing number in fact in Toronto, one in 10 people are relying on free food banks, the number of people in Toronto today would fill the Rogers Center seven times, that is life in Toronto after eight years of Justin Trudeau winning every single seat in that city."

According to a Rentals.ca report, in January 2024, the average rent for a 1-bedroom in Toronto skyrocketed to $2,521, with all of the greater Toronto area over $2,000.

The Conservative leader then asked point blank, “Toronto, what have you got for voting for Justin Trudeau? Your streets are crawling with crime and chaos, you can’t afford rent, there’s division like never before in our streets, and places of worship are under attack.”

Since the October 7 terrorist attack against Israel, far-left pro-Palestinian protesters have taken over the streets of major cities across the country, calling for violence, with synagogues being shot and defaced.

“People who lived all their lives no longer feel at home, the big cities that voted for Justin Trudeau are suffering the most because of his disastrous and costly policies.”

The opposition leader concluded, “The big cities that voted for Justin Trudeau are suffering the most,” and he then went through the record high drug overdoses sanctioned by several provinces' “safe supply” policy of handing out drugs to the vulnerable.

“Violent crime was up 40%. The number of overdose deaths was up 200%. 40,000 Canadians had lost their lives to overdoses after eight years of Justin Trudeau’s policy of decriminalizing crack and heroin and giving out tax-subsidized opioids.”

In the near half-hour speech, he began by sharing a personal anecdote from speaking with a concerned citizen in North Bay, Ontario, who wasn’t political and didn’t partake in voting, asking him to ensure a safe environment to take his family out to the local restaurant “without being stabbed in the face.”

“Formerly peaceful neighborhoods were now dangerous.”

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