"We are going silent for an hour": Calgary firefighters protest forced vaccinations

The mood was somber and reverent, and the protest had a gravitas that felt altogether historical.

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Front line workers have been heralded as heroes for their efforts throughout the ever-extending era of COVID restrictions — but now, with once-conspiratorial vaccine mandates being pushed by Justin Trudeau and company — those unwilling to be vaccinated are apparently no longer worthy of being lauded.

Worse still, they are being singled out, segregated and even risk losing their livelihoods for daring to demand that their Charter rights be upheld and their bodily autonomy respected.

Last week healthcare workers and their supporters rallied outside of the Foothill Medical Centre demanding their freedoms.

In the first of many protests being organized by various groups throughout Calgary this week, firefighters and other frontline workers took to City Hall in Calgary in a show of solidarity against forced vaccinations.

A large crowd was gathered in support, but the focus of the protest consisted of front-line workers — largely firefighters — standing in formation in silence for one hour. When the hour had passed, they locked arms before proceeding single file to touch the Firefighters Civic Memorial situated just outside Calgary City Hall. The mood was somber and reverent, and the protest had a gravitas that felt altogether historical.

We were on the scene throughout the entire protest and unsurprisingly we were the only media outlet in attendance. These protests are continuing to gain momentum. More are being scheduled every week and they are being attended by ever-increasing numbers. There are no signs of slowing among those protesting for their freedoms.

Visit FightVaccinePassports.com if you want to stand in solidarity with those fighting against vaccine coercion. You can sign our petition and contribute to our legal battles against vaccine mandates.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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