"Woke" mob targets small business owner for questioning gender conversion therapy for children

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The woke mob is trying to claim another victim.

Citing accusations of “hate speech” and “transphobia,” this mob is attempting to cancel anyone that so much as questions the ethics surrounding the promotion of permanent, gender conversion therapies for children.

Maria Sheppard, a registered massage therapist who runs her business out of her home, shared my colleague Drea Humphrey’s report about the British Columbia father of a transgendered child who was arrested for speaking out against gender conversion therapy and parental rights at the end of March. She was met with an onslaught of mostly total strangers that she had never met all of a sudden trying to ruin her and try to put her out of business.

Maria shared this video because she feels strongly that these decisions should not fall on the impressionable shoulders of children, and that parents should be legally obligated to make informed decisions regarding permanent medical procedures for their children — not be criminalized for questioning them.

Having questions about medical therapies provided to children without the consent — and sometimes without even the knowledge of — their parents, shouldn’t ruin your career. What happened to Maria was definitely unreasonable.

In this exclusive interview, we meet Maria, the target of this cancel culture mob of science deniers. We discuss what she thought was her benign sharing of Drea’s story, which had nothing to do with anti-transgender hate speech (the buzzwords that Maria is now being investigated by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario for) and what happened next. See, instead of trying to hear Maria out on what her stance and reason for sharing the video was — because the mob doesn’t actually care what her side was and probably never even got past the headline of Drea’s video — the mob attacked Maria personally and slandered her business online before reporting her to her profession’s governing body based on their own assumptions.

Here at Rebel News, we reject the groupthink mentality of cancelling dissenting voices. I think that Maria should be able to share her personal views on her personal Facebook page. Maria has conducted herself professionally and respectfully from everything I have seen, and the dozens of witness statements she provided further attested to that.

But her college has officially forbid her from expressing her opinion about parental rights and permanent conversion therapies for minor. While Maria is not facing any disciplinary action, she is never to conduct herself “unbecomingly” on social media again.

Thank you, thought police.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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