'You can definitely see where they stand, and you can see the consistent narrative that they choose to project'

The Gunn Show is joined by Rebel Reporter Selene Galas, and she speaks about what she witnesses inside the media room at the POEC.

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The mainstream media mockery of the Freedom Convoy hasn't stopped at the doors of the Trucker Commission building.

Rebel News journalists have been reporting on the Freedom Convoy since it formed in early January 2022. We had two journalists, Mocha Bezirgan and Selene Galas, embedded in the anti-covid mandate protest movement as it wound its way across the country.

Then, several other Rebel News reporters were on the ground as the convoy remained in Ottawa for nearly four weeks before Prime Minister Trudeau used the heavy hammer of the Emergencies Act (EA) to strip the right to peaceful protest from law-abiding Canadians in their nation's capital.

Joining me tonight to discuss what she is seeing inside the media room in the POEC is Selene Galas.

Selene told Sheila:

It's very apparent and it was particularly very apparent when the convoy, the representatives, let's say the volunteers, there's a lot of stigma against, you know, labeling people as leaders when there was no leaders of this convoy, but primarily when they were giving their testimonies, people would start laughing in the room.

Or if someone was especially emotional, then they would just laugh or make catty comments and gossip in the room. I was surprised. There's two people from the commission that sit at the back of the room, and I suppose they should be there to kind of monitor that the rules and regulations of the room in terms of keeping volume down, phone volume low, etc. are being met.

But it is apparent Sheila, you can definitely see where they stand and you can see the consistent narrative that they choose to project.

You've seen the CTV articles that have been released, etc. and their narrative is now changing because everything in the commission that's coming out points to the fact that these were not misogynists, domestic terrorists with this crazy agenda to hold an insurrection in the capital of Canada.

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