A bridge too far – for everybody! Everyday citizens BANNED thanks to pro-Hamas protesters

Not only are hateful extremists banned from the Avenue Road bridge spanning Hwy. 401, but so to is everyone else. But why?

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For weeks on end, a despicable spectacle has taken place on Toronto’s Avenue Road bridge that spans Hwy. 401. 

On Saturdays, dozens of pro-Hamas supporters have waved large Palestinian flags (alas, not a single Canadian flag was ever spotted) and encouraged passing motorists to 'Honk for Palestine'. (Oh-oh! Don’t they know that according to, Ya’ara Saks, a.k.a., the most vapid and vacuous Liberal MP in Blackface’s entire caucus, 'honk-honk' is an 'acronym' for 'Heil Hitler'?

Gracious, can we expect to see arrests and frozen bank accounts in the near future? (Don’t hold your breath...) 

Indeed, not only was this hate-fest tolerated by the police, but on one chilly Saturday afternoon in early January, the cops reimagined themselves as Uber Eats drivers.

Which is to say they delivered hot coffee and Timbits to the pro-Hamas demonstrators. Talk about a double-double standard!

For many people, this was the last straw when it came to the hug-a-thug file. Photos of cops delivering crullers and fritters and java to the pro-terrorism set was just too much to swallow.

Especially since the real reason the pro-Hamas folk picked this particular bridge was due to its proximity to a large Jewish community.

And so it was that in the days after the coffee-delivery debacle, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw stated:

“Moving forward, demonstrations or the congregation of individuals on the Avenue Road overpass will not be permitted. People can expect to be arrested if necessary.”

And what do you know? Finally, the cops backed up their bark with a bite. When pro-Hamas protesters returned yet again the following Saturday and did not disperse after numerous warnings, three individuals were arrested.

They must’ve been in shock as they sat in the paddy wagon. After all, since early October, the pro-Hamas types have been getting away scot-free with so many shenanigans ranging from vandalism to uttering death threats and openly calling for genocide.

But on that particular Saturday, the handcuffs came out and charges were laid.

In any event, Rebel News returned to the Avenue Road bridge last Saturday to see if the Pals had learned their lesson.

We didn’t see any of the usual suspects, just members of the independent media. But get this: we discovered from police that absolutely nobody was allowed on the bridge, ostensibly for 'safety reasons.'

When journalists made the case that nobody amongst their ranks were going to chant death threats or dangle flags and posters from the overpass, the answer from law enforcement was still no; that this was a bridge too far – as in for everybody.

Bottom line: We appreciate the Toronto Police Service banning the pro-Hamas people and their hateful rhetoric from this bridge.

But in the department of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, they should realize that everyday citizens and independent journalists are not part of the rank and file of Team Terror.

To ban such folk from the bridge was a mistake, and an act that had a whiff of police state overreach.

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