“A bullet loaded into a gun, shot by someone else”: Ezra compares Biden, Trump's cognitive abilities

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On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the fascination left-wingers have with US President Donald Trump's cognitive abilities, and whether it's fair for right-wingers to ask the same questions about the Democratic presumptive nominee, Joe Biden.

The answer of where Trump's cognitive ability stands is very clear, according to Ezra:

I think [Trump's] got enormous mental stamina — and I say that not because he allegedly passed some cognitive test with 30 out of 30 — I say that because like you, and like everyone in the world, I watch Donald Trump. One of the things he does, much more than our own Justin Trudeau for example, is he engages in fast, real-time, live, national debates all the time with people who deeply hate him. 

When you spar with the toughest journalists for an hour or two a day, it would be pretty clear if you lost your train of thought or couldn't remember names.

When it comes to Biden, the differences between his mental acuity in 2020, compared to his vice presidential election in 2008 are worlds apart.

In comparison to Trump, Ezra said of Biden:

I'm not angry at Joe Biden. I feel sad for him, like he's a bullet loaded into a gun, shot by someone else. Joe Biden is not his former self. I'm not saying he's crazy or insane. I'm not saying he has Alzheimer's. I'm saying he's gearing down, he's 10 years past his prime, and yet they're trotting him out as the man who would lead the most important country in the world, in one of the most challenging times in the world.

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