UPDATE: Our challenge against the bans that JAILED father of transgender teen

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You may already know that with your help, we are challenging the rigid publication bans that have not only stifled my journalism on a matter of public interest, but have also been used to throw a concerned B.C. father in jail for speaking out after his child was prescribed cross-sex hormones, which can cause sterility, without his consent. What you don’t know is how hard our lawyer on the case, Kyle Bienvenu, has had to fight just to get the actual bans in order for us to review what is silencing both the father and myself.

The father, who I’m legally required to refer to as C.D., was denied bail after allegations were made that he breached the publication bans that prevent him from sharing his nightmare with the public. C.D.’s ordeal has garnered international attention, as he is now awaiting trial in criminal court for allegedly breaching another gag order that forbade him from referring to his own biologically female child, who suffers from gender dysphoria, as a “she,” or using the child’s birth name.

In today’s report, I ask Kyle to explain to us how such restrictions could be in place years after the child has already taken the prescribed hormones. We also discuss whether or not it is normal for so many publication bans and amendments to have been laid down in one case, in order to ensure that someone is not even able to show their own face when following their conviction to speak out about their experience.

The fact that so many restrictions are in place in order to prevent this father and Canadian journalists from informing the public of key facts surrounding this controversial imprisonment — like who the doctors are with the medical opinion that it is in the child’s best interest to take cross-sex hormones linked to sterility, before the portion of their brain responsible for decision-making is developed — is a blow to freedom of press.

Instead of just sitting and waiting to see how hard B.C.’s Supreme Court will come down on this father for speaking out at his trial on April 12, we are fighting to preserve freedom of press and freedom of speech in the judicial system.

We can’t do it alone, so please take up this expensive fight with us by donating what you can at LetUsReport.com.

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