A win in supreme court for B.C. father who was jailed after speaking out against his child's medical transition without his consent

On December 7th, the B.C. father who was sentenced to 6 months in prison for breaching publication bans in order to inform the public about his child’s medical transitioning without his consent had a win in court.

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The father, whom we are legally obligated to refer to only as C.D. and who has suffered tremendously during his fight for parental rights and free speech, surrendered himself to Vancouver Supreme courthouse sheriffs bright and early Wednesday morning. As explained in a recent report, C.D. who was originally granted bail after serving 2 months of his 6-month sentence, was granted 2 bail extensions while awaiting his appeal to his conviction.

Due to no fault of C.D.’s his original hearing date for his appeal was delayed from the summer of 2022 to early February 2023, which meant his bail would lapse before his appeal. While it would seem obvious that the fairest use of the court's time would then be to simply extend C.D.’s bail until his new appeal date, the Crown had something else in mind.

24 hrs before C.D.'s hearing after his first bail term lapsed, the crown slapped a then self-represented C.D. with a 64-page document including reasonings why they were now seeking stricter bail conditions and more jail time. Despite C.D. taking significant persuasions to not breach his terms while on bail which includes not publicly releasing certain information about his child or himself, the Crown used an interview C.D. had done with an American outlet which had published his full name in the story a year ago and has yet to take it down as an example of why the Crown believes C.D. is still a risk to his child A.B.’s privacy.

A first bail extension was then granted to allow C.D. enough time to be appointed Ms. Samira Hiscock as his new counsel at no cost to him so she could defend him on this matter. A second extension which lapsed on the 7th was given to allow Hiscock to have enough time to familiarize herself with the case which is smothered in publication bans before arguing why he should remain on bail without the stricter conditions being sought by the Crown, which included a $10,000 bail post C.D. says he wouldn’t be able to afford to pay.

While C.D. waited to hear his fate while being detained in the courthouse, the justice ruled that C.D. not return to jail for now and granted him bail until his appeal. Although, all wasn’t completely won. The Justice did side with the Crown on the need for stricter bail conditions while on bail and ordered C.D. to check in with a probation officer monthly which he previously did not have to do. The Justice also ordered a $10,000 promise to pay a bond, which means C.D. would not have to use any of what’s left of his funding page donations towards the bail unless he is found to be in breach of his conditions before his February appeal.

Click to watch the full report on what was said about C.D. from the Crown and an interview with the Canadian Voters Association’s Kari Smith who weighs in on the day's court events. Simpson attended the court hearing due to her organization's vested interest in parental rights. Simpson was also present in the courtroom in 2019 when the court compelled the concerned father to refer to his child by the child’s preferred pronouns. The order which aimed to prevent C.D. from misgendering his child was eventually tossed in early 2020 after a judge ruled that misgendering someone is not a form of violence.

Despite what C.D. has been through being underrepresented and of great public interest, not a single legacy media outlet has kept the public informed about this father's ongoing plight. If you appreciate that Rebel News has done so, please consider making a donation here to support our independent journalism.

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