Aaron Gunn: Justin Trudeau 'clearly has an inherent dislike for the West in Alberta'

The Ezra Levant Show interviewed filmmaker Aaron Gunn about his latest documentary called, 'Fractured Nation: The Pillaging of Western Canada.'

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Aaron Gunn is a filmmaker dedicated to unraveling the truth seldom covered by mainstream media. Ezra interviewed Gunn about his latest documentary called, "Fractured Nation: The Pillaging of Western Canada," and that brought up the subject of Alberta's Premier Danielle Smith.

"I had a sit down with her about a week or two ago, and I'm hopeful. She has an unusual blend of libertarian ideas and conservative ideas from Western ideas," said Ezra. "And I think she brainstorms sort of out loud. And that has gotten her in some trouble before, but no trouble that the voters didn't forgive."

"One of her ways she secured the leadership was through her Innovation of the Sovereignty Act, which is like Harper's firewall. Quebec really talks about the sovereignty."

Ezra also added that he thinks the Sovereignty Act was attacked by all sorts of people who are completely fine with it from Quebec. They just don't like to see Alberta getting uppity.

Gunn responded:

It's hard to argue against that point because Quebec has been, you know, using these different levers. Basically, all the Sovereignty Act is Daniel Smith coming out and saying we're going to use every tool, our toolbox to oppose federal overreach and federal intervention in areas of provincial responsibility. And I mean, that's something that Quebec has already been doing quite overtly for decades, quite frankly.

So I think that everything in the Sovereignty Act is not only above board, but is something that other provinces should take note of. It's something that obviously Saskatchewan is now following suit with.

And because, quite frankly, Justin Trudeau is to two things that's going on with this government right now. Number one, he has a proclivity to centralize power, to control power in Ottawa. Whether that's by infringing on provincial jurisdiction with Bill C-69 or the carbon tax mandate, or whether that's Bill C-11 and trying to clamp down on free speech, it's that proclivity to try to exercise control over the population.

And on top of that, the other thing is he clearly has an inherent dislike for the West in Alberta, specifically that he inherited from his father.

And those two things combined have led to a series of policies that are impossible to interpret as anything other than anti-Western or anti-Albertan. And the provincial government needs to use all of its power to stand up to that. And I think good on Danielle for doing that. 

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