Adamson Barbecue OPENS for second day; owner CHARGED as more show up in support

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It was day two of the Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion on November 25, and hundreds of happy customers “illicitly” chowed down on brisket while dozens of politicians, bureaucrats, public health officials and mainstream media types fumed.

No matter the political pushback, it looks like serving up defiance with a side order of freedom is a good business strategy for Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbecue.

Skelly yet again went against the authorities’ wishes by opening his fantastic barbecue restaurant in Etobicoke for a second day in a row. He opened the doors at 11 a.m., and before the clock struck noon, he had completely sold out — just like the day before. Moving forward, he vows he is going to order five times the amount of meat, suggesting his rebellion is long from over.

But Adamson Barbecue faced heat on Wednesday — and we don't mean the heat from the grill. 

Several police and bylaw enforcement officers paid a visit to the eatery and, after chatting with Skelly for more than an hour, the restaurateur was left holding several summons, most of them for operating without a business licence.

As well, he was found in violation of a shut-down order that was personally signed by Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health.

And there was yet more blowback on the political front — Toronto Mayor John Tory actually told CP24 that he hopes the authorities “throw the book at him [Skelly].”

Even Premier Doug Ford weighed in, noting that “buddy” needs to obey the law because “we’re all in this together.” I guess Premier Ford forgot his own 2018 campaign slogan: “Ontario: Open for Business.

But Skelly vows he’s going to keep on barbecuing, fines, charges, and criticism be damned. 

One thing is certain — freedom never tasted so good!

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