Adamson BBQ owner gives update: “Once we have success in the courts” things will change

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Adamson Barbecue update!

You never know who you’ll bump into at an “illegal” gym reopening... Such was the case earlier this week, when we travelled to Arthur, Ont. to interview Mitch Hewison, the owner of Futuristic Fitness.

Like other entrepreneurs who are fed up with the idiotic Wuhan virus lockdown rules, Hewison has decided to disobey Queen’s Park by reopening his boutique gym. We wish him well — in fact, now that ex-finance minister Rod Phillips has plenty of free time on his hands, maybe he should drop by for a workout and impress onlookers with his fabulous Caribbean-conjured tan?

In any event, a familiar face was among the group of supporters in the parking lot — none other than Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbecue.

You may recall that back in late November, Adamson Barbecue was brutally shut down by the City of Toronto. Indeed, the city actually deployed the Toronto Police Service’s mounted unit to enforce the lockdown.

Skelly says he was there to offer moral support to Hewison, and even pass along some advice in case law enforcement were to drop by (thankfully, the cops were no-shows the day we visited).

Skelly also spoke to us about his ongoing battle with the city, which continues to harass the entrepreneur. And while his Etobicoke location is still locked down for now, Skelly vows that his west end location of Adamson Barbecue will one day be back in business, serving up its famous Texas-style entrees. We can hardly wait!

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  • By David Menzies


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