Africans in China are being evicted and denied basic services: WHO keeps focus on racism of “China virus” name

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Westerners have been scolded by global elites over the use of the term “China virus.” Everyone is subservient to the Chinese Empire, twisting themselves into a pretzel to explain why this virus shouldn't be labelled by its place of origin.

Those same elites are all too keen to ignore a much more egregious issue that’s now developing:

Currently there is an apartheid regime developing in China. African minorities, most of them low-paid foreign workers, are being kicked out of their living accommodations, from rental apartments to hotels. They’re also being denied access to basic services, all because the Communist dictatorship is inherently racist itself, baselessly blaming these Africans for causing the disease.

What is even more surprising is that “Dr.” Tedros, the notorious Chinese shill who leads the World Health Organization, is completely silent on this issue. Tedros is eager to call out the American administration over nicknames for COVID-19, but when it comes to a regime that is pushing other Africans out onto the filthy streets of metropolitan China cities and letting them go hungry, we get nothing but silence.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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