AHS inspector threatens to strip permit from cafe for allowing indoor dining

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A somewhat unusual scene took place recently in Beiseker, Alberta, when the police and provincial health inspectors arrived at a local café. The owner of Arcadia Cafe, Joanne Diaz, had opened her establishment for sit down dining, in contravention of the provincial COVID orders. Despite that, the police were sympathetic for once, and proceeded to order two lunches from the joint in a show of solidarity.

The Alberta Health Services inspector was not nearly as kind, angrily posting a health order on the door of the restaurant, insisting that it was actually closed for dine-in service. The patrons of the business did not care, and continued to push past the officers while ignoring the 8.5x11 sheet of paper taped to the door.

The cafe was not fined, but the heath inspector threatened to take away their food permit. Diaz shrugged it off, asking what the difference is between her family running into a wall of debt while forced to keep their business closed, versus having the government pull the rug out from under them.

Arcadia Cafe remained open for the day, and has been serving food in their dining room on and off for the last week.

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