Alberta budget: Spending (and the deficit) soars, but corporate tax cuts promised

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I spent my entire day locked in a room with mainstream media journalists, and the government took my phone away!

I was in the 2020 budget lock up, going through Alberta's second budget in four months with a fine-tooth comb. If you were expecting cuts, like I was, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Health care spending is increasing. Education spending is increasing.

And this time the deficit is $6.8 billion, $100 million more than NDP finance Minister Joe Ceci's final budget. (As of March 2019 Alberta's total debt was $85.9 billion.)

We've come a long way from Ralph Klein famously paying down the debt to zero in Alberta July 13, 2004.

However, corporate tax rates are set to fall to 8 per cent over the next three years in an attempt to spur economic activity in the province.

Besides the unimpressive budget, the United Conservative Alberta government also tried to keep left-wing journalist from the budget embargo. I'll tell you about the small way Rebel News helped fight for the free speech and free press rights of a journalist who works for a company that has deplatformed us in the past.

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