Alberta lifts ban on protests just in time for Calgary's Worldwide Freedom Rally

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This past Saturday, May 15, around 1,200 Albertans took to the streets of Calgary to protest against COVID-19 lockdown measures. I can personally say the protest felt more like a friendly dance party, with many familiar faces like John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, who gave an inspiring speech before the rally started.

This protest happened just one day after a court injunction was changed, putting a restraining order on not only Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta but also the other 4.4 million Albertans. This court injunction made it possible for anyone to be subject to an arrest and criminal charges simply for gathering — see Pastor Artur Pawlowski, for instance.

A common theme while protesters were interacting with the very friendly, yet heavy police presence, was why police hadn’t been out in force at recent pro-Palestine protests, which happened while the court injunction was still in effect for all Albertans.

Another interesting detail of this very exciting day was that there were two different protests, one with the march downtown and the other which had Adam Skelly from Toronto’s Adamson BBQ serving food for donations. There was some division between the groups, as people questioned the credibility of an organizer who had cancelled due to the court injunction in hopes of dodging arrest, and then reversed that when the order was lifted at the last minute. Some people weren’t too happy with the calls that were made.

All in all, however, it was a successful and good day for democracy. No fines were given that I am aware of, there were no arrests, and we even got a police escort on our lovely stroll through downtown Calgary.

Click here to watch the full experience!

I loved attending this pro-freedom protest. If you like my coverage and want to see more, please help fund us at, or if you’re a true Rebel and want to look like one too, go to

I hope to see more of these peaceful, legal gatherings in Calgary and across the country, and I hope to see YOU there!

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