Alberta NDP literally beg the CBC for a follow up question to avoid scrutiny from Rebel News

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The NDP doesn't seem to like us very much!

I attended a press conference at the Alberta Legislature prior to Question Period, and the NDP pleaded with the CBC for a softball question to avoid a prickly one from Rebel News.

No less than six times did I ask several members of Rachel Notley’s caucus questions about their small business strategy – one that includes a targeted boycott campaign at businesses who did not support the NDP in the last provincial election.

Upon asking the question the first time, NDP backbencher Richard Feehan turned to a CBC reporter and asked for them to fill the dead air with a friendly question.

Throughout the remainder of the press conference, NDP MLAs rotated through the lectern, each less capable than the last at answering very basic questions.

Following the repeated NDP gaffes, the UCP Education and Finance Ministers attended the scrum. Minister Adriana LaGrange spoke about her plans for a curriculum re-write, following the NDP’s disastrous four years at the helm, which saw nearly half of all Grade 9 students failing math exams.

Minister of Finance, Travis Toews, responded to questions about lowering Alberta’s personal income tax rate, saying that his focus right now was on creating jobs so that people have an income to pay tax on in the first place.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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