Albertans show off COVID tickets: Freedom protesters REACT to politicians heading south for Xmas

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Every weekend — for months now — protesters gather at Calgary City Hall to protest the provincial and municipal restrictions on civil liberties meant to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Saturday was the first such protest since the New Year. It was also the first protest since it was revealed that several United Conservative Party MLAs (including now-fired Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard) had travelled outside of the country for Christmas vacation, while the Alberta government advised normal people against non-essential travel.

We ran a petition calling on Premier Jason Kenney to Fire Allard. We also ran a petition against Joe Hargrave, the Saskatchewan Party minister of highways who took a vacation to Palm Springs, California after locking down the land of the living skies.

I asked the protesters, many of whom have received $1,200 fines for their protest efforts on the square, what they thought about the hypocritical double standard coming from these lockdown enforcers.

Since covering that protest, a lot of things have changed.

Jason Kenney, after initially backing Allard, fired her and his own chief of staff for breaking the spirit of the lockdown laws. He's also demoted the other UCP MLAs, including Tany Yao, Pat Rehn, Jeremy Nixon and Tanya Fir, for their Christmases elsewhere.

Hargrave resigned too.

But we aren't done yet. Canadians are still locked down, so we must keep the heat up, the pressure on, and keep on fighting the lockdown fines at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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